We love dogs as much as you do!

Kobe's Pet Health is a dog-loving British brand that creates specialist supplements for pets that are designed to make their life as easy and comfortable as possible.

We wholeheartedly believe that man's best friend deserves to be properly looked after, which is why we created a range of products that help our beloved pets to move more freely, feel more relaxed, and minimise some of the effects of old age.

When it comes to health, we wouldn't deny ourselves the opportunity to enjoy life to the max, so why should we treat our pets any differently? All Kobe's Pet Health products can be used on cats, too.

New to our collection


Anxiety and stress relief for your pet

Kobe's Pet Calming Supplement has been specially formulated to help dogs that suffer from anxiety. It can help to tackle stress, fear and nerves when your pet needs it most. Common situations where our pet calming supplement can help include: noise, phobias, fireworks and thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travelling, hyperactivity and more. By relieving anxiety, your dog can feel more alert, focused, and calm again.Kobe's Pet Health is a specialist pet supplement brand created by genuine dog & cat owners the chance to treat their animals with as much love.UK's Fastest-Growing Pet Supplement Brand


Joint and movement care for your pet

Pair large text with an image to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, or describe a new promotion. Our multi-action Pet Joint Supplements were created to help ease stiff joints in cats and dogs. Designed by Kobe's in-house specialist team, they work fast to reduce painful inflammation, aid with maintaining joint mobility, soothe joint stiffness and support joint structure.